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Welcome to my journal of all things astrological and beyond!  As a student of the metaphysical, I'm taking field notes.  Come and join me on my adventure.    


About me

The planets guide me to say "yes" to myself in sunny San Diego.  I lust after sparkly crystals, love all things Hello Kitty, and get lost in cooking good meals.

Appropriately enough, my Sun is in Pisces (I'm a mermaid at heart), my Moon is in Taurus (I'm learning to indulge in pleasure), and my Ascendant is in Leo (I'm a sun worshipper).  If none of this means anything to you (or if you now have a very clear picture of me), and you're curious, stick around!  Subscribe to my posts and together we can learn about what the stars and planets have to offer.


Astro Stats:

  • Teacher: Anne Ortelee
  • Currently enrolled in: American Federation of Astrologers' (AFA) SuperStar course, Astrology Hub's Year of Astrology
  • Member of AFA, International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), and The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA)
After acupuncture selfies.  Another thing I love!

After acupuncture selfies.  Another thing I love!